on being resilient...

Resilience is about making people, communities, and systems better prepared to withstand and bounce back from disruptive, and even catastrophic, events.

Want more on resilience?  Check out this short video on resilience created by the Koshland Science Museum:


existing plans & work

Luckily, we're not starting from zero.  Browse through the collection of well-researched and professionally compiled sustainability and climate-related plans below. You'll find statistics, ideas, and pathways to move forward.

march 17 gathering

One of the most important elements of our planning process for Resilient Miami is broad, multi-disciplinary participation from diverse community members and representatives.  One such convening was held at Miami Center for Architecture and Design in March 2015.  Together, our participants brainstormed around major resilience themes:  health, creativity, economic growth and emergency prep.

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