Resilient Miami was sparked by the community members who came together to create HighWaterLine | Miami, an innovative art project that transformed scientific data into a highly visual, interactive and participatory event.  Using a soccer chalker, numerous residents and local leaders took part in "chalking the line" throughout Miami Beach and the City of Miami.  The temporary lines, drawn using light blue chalk, represented the projected 3' and 6' sea level rise lines, giving participants and passersby a tangible reference on how climate change, with an emphasis on sea level rise, will impact Miami.  The art piece was realized along approximately 26 miles of Miami and Miami Beach streets on November 13, 14, and 17, 2013.   

HighWaterLine | Miami gave rise to Resilient Miami, even before the chalking was complete.  Resilient Miami was conceived as the catalyst towards a movement, driven by community participation.  In its first year, Resilient Miami focused on networking, researching, and strategizing the most effective paths forward, realizing that climate change was an often-polarizing topic and yet, little true awareness existed about Miami's tenuous future. 

In mid-2014, an opportunity presented itself which led to Catalyst Miami and Urban Impact Lab partnered on a Kresge Foundation Environment Program Planning Grant proposal that would help continue the preliminary work done through Resilient Miami and build meaningful engagement opportunities within Miami's most vulnerable communities.  The Kresge Foundation's Climate Opportunity and Urban Resilience Initiative fit with our collective experience and expertise, as well as our forward-looking ideas on continuing the work we had already begun.

Our proposal was successfully funded and represents Resilient Miami's next step and evolution.  With Kresge's support, we are dedicating much of 2015 to undertaking an inclusive and comprehensive planning process focused on building resilience in Miami's low income and underserved communities. 

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