In early May, the Resilient Miami teamed up with Code for Miami folks for the eMerge America hackathon weekend (our very first hackathon).   We had one objective:  develop a concept for an evacuation/emergency preparedness app.Knowing that in climate-vulnerable cities such as Miami, preparedness often means evacuating -- we focused our very limited time on creating something that would help with an evacuation scenario.  The amazing folks from Code for Miami, Ernie Hsiung and Rebekah Monson, really helped us create an initial concept for a mobile app that would provide information on evacuation routes, bus stops, open shelters and news updates.

The concept app also featured a localized chat room so people could assist others in their vicinity.  The chat space is divided into NEED and OFFER so if, for example, a neighbor needed a ride out they could post and find someone close by that could offer a seat in their automobile.  We hope to add additional functionalities such as social media integration (especially for the chat piece), car sharing, more robust transit information and CERT team leader identification within neighborhoods.  Future versions will also include other aspects for comprehensive emergency preparedness and response.

We've present the app to both Miami Dade County Emergency Management and the Miami Beach Emergency Operations Center and they are very interested in what this can do -- both for emergency preparedness and for community building.

We would still love any assistance building out the app so feel free to join us (even if you're not a developer/coder) at Code for Miami (they meet every Monday, 7pm, LAB Miami).